Conservatory Calendar

Private Music Lessons

The Crestmont Conservatory offers private lessons in piano, guitar, voice, strings, and winds. Most lessons are given at the Conservatory. There are also some teachers who teach at the student's home.

Student Recitals

The Crestmont Conservatory offers a regular schedule of recitals for every age and level. Monthly student recitals held throughout the school year offer the opportunity to gain performance experience in a familiar setting with the support and encouragement of family, friends, and faculty. In addition to the regular monthly recitals, several special recitals are held during the year, including the Family Recital, International Night, and the "Bach to Rock" Recital. Advanced students have the opportunity to play solo or joint recitals.

Weekly Performance Classes

These classes are an essential part of preparing for recitals. Students practice performing in front of an audience in a more informal environment. Faculty members offer constructive criticism to help improve the student's performance. Students are welcome to come every week, or drop in as desired. The more you practice performing, the more comfortable it becomes.

Advanced Piano Performance

These weekly classes are open primarily to adults who wish to develop their ability to perform before an audience. The classes also explore music history, piano literature, principles of touch and tone as applied to all levels of performance, and problems related to practice, memorization, interpretation and stage deportment. Students may perform music of their choice and will receive constructive criticism. Classes are open to the public and auditors are welcome.

Chamber Music/Piano Ensemble

As a musical community, the Conservatory is the ideal place to get together with other musicians of similar interests and abilities to share the experience of making music with other people. Faculty coaching is available. Certificate Program This program rewards the student who puts in the extra work necessary to prepare for an examination covering technique, repertoire, musicianship and sight reading. Exams are held in February and May.

Scholarship Competition

Since 1987, the Conservatory has offered merit scholarships to its students. The competition is held every April and is open to all Crestmont Conservatory students. Crestmont Conservatory tuition awards are given in each of three age categories (9 and below, 10 to 13. 14 and above). Students are also chosen for the special Scholarship Recital held every October.

Master Classes

Throughout the year, the Conservatory sponsors master classes in an endeavor to expand the students' knowledge and appreciation of the many music forms. Renowned artists such as Jorg Demus and Grant Johannesen have appeared on this series.

High School Credit

High school students taking private lessons may receive credit for their musical studies. Please contact the Conservatory office to find out if your high school participates in this program. Adult Workshop and Recital Crestmont Conservatory's adult students also have an opportunity to share their music in an informal workshop, held twice a year, and an annual recital.

Advanced Study

Special attention is given to each and every student at Crestmont Conservatory in order for them to make their very best progress and all are to be commended. Many of our students have gained recognition in competitions throughout the Bay Area. Among the schools which have accepted Crestmont Conservatory students on full or partial scholarship are the Curtis Institute of Music, the Vienna Academy of Music, the Juilliard School, the Paris Conservatory, and USC.